Welcome to the home of Sheelagh Peace

Artistic Statement

I have been involved in creative fields all my life. In the course of my recent work I have read constantly. I’ve become increasingly interested in the meaning of life and the meaning of being a woman.

I have had a constant interest in fashion, photography and surface pattern design. My current work is an amalgamation of esoteric ideas, symbolism and a leaning towards artists who use surface pattern. Recently I have become interested in the concept of Magical Realism. I am specialising in 2-dimensional work which is pictorial and fantastical, creating my own romantic dimension, where in creatures of myth, legend and my own personal dreamscape form a surreal narrative.

My work's been reviewed by the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York. here's what they had to sa...

"AMSTERDAM WHITNEY International Fine Art congratulates you on being accepted to our distinguished Family of Artists. After carefully reviewing your artwork, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's Curatorial Review Committee has formally selected you to participate in our elite museum-caliber Representation Program.  Our Curatorial Review Committee was deeply impressed by your outstanding oeuvre which emblematizes the Female artistic essence of life and explores the spontaneity and drama of Women in the world.  The visual intensity and psychological drama in your superb "BUTTERFLY" reveals a timeless romantic perspective and passionately captures the excitement and visceral mystique of the Female silhouette. Your impassioned brushstrokes creatively encapsulate a sensuous and unique artistic vision in "QUEEN OF POWERAGE" with luminescent positive energy as it radiates a poetic artistic viewpoint. We enjoyed your sterling visual voyage with its lyrical, compelling composition which reflects a unique sensitive "Third Eye"  Your stellar "IN DEEP- MERMAID" reverberates with a powerful interplay of light interacting with vibrant tonal combinations, as it is juxtaposed with a superb perspective as it seductively reveals the feminine mystique.  Your compelling "EDEN" treasures the sensuality of the Female with its eternal visual symbolism and embodies a timeless message while offering a powerful, joyful narrative.  We salute you on your intriguing work which conveys the invisible within the visible and seizes the essence of the emotional and physical experience  of women with a profound sensitivity."

My work depicts the visual representation of strong women. I feel there is a new generation of women who are not defined by men as in this excerpt from a poem by Mary Elizabeth Colridge:

The White Women (1900)

Where dwell the lovely, wildwhite womenfolk,
Mortal to man?
They never bowed their heads beneath the yoke,
They dwelt alone when the first morning broke
And Time began.

Taller are they than man, and very fair,
Their cheeks are pale,
At sight of them the tiger in his lair,
The Falcon hanging in the azure air,
The eagles quail.